How a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You With Zoning Restrictions

Whether it’s development agreements, specific plans, tentative maps, traffic issues, water issues, or condition use permits; a good real estate attorney from Pulgini & Norton can help you sort through all the details in zoning restrictions.

If you are doing any form of construction, you need to know all the zoning restrictions for where you want to build. A comprehensive review of all of the zoning restrictions by an experienced real estate attorney before you purchase or lease the land is critical.

Zoning Restrictions and Land Use

No matter how you may feel about the restrictive nature of zoning laws, they are part of the process of city planning, conservation, and the wise use of land. They may appear to be inflexible; but every city has a zoning board of appeals that hear appeals for varying the application of the Zoning Code. An experienced real estate attorney will know how best to present the appeal to seek for the variance. This can save you time, money, and could ultimately save your project.

Many Massachusetts cities and towns are setting zoning restrictions against McMansions, where developers or owners will tear down an older home and replace it with a larger upscale home that doesn’t blend in with the neighborhood. As with most zoning restrictions, it still might be possible to find middle ground that satisfies the demands of the restriction with enough variance to be acceptable to the land/home owner. Working with an architect that is sensitive to zoning issues would also be invaluable. McMansions are a good example of why most people support and expect others to uphold zoning restrictions.

Commercial Property

Having a real estate attorney as part of the initial planning of any commercial venture makes obvious sense. It doesn’t matter how large or small the project is, the issues will be similar. Before you finalize on any piece of property, your real estate attorney will be able to review all zoning restrictions and possibilities of any necessary variance. Any real estate purchase should be contingent on this process being completed.

Zoning restrictions in Massachusetts are serious matters. Don’t go it alone. Give Pulgini & Norton a call at the start of any real estate project.

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