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It seems that no form of energy production is without controversy. Nuclear power poses threats of invisible radiation and nuclear waste while wind-power is anything but invisible with giant windmills built by extraterrestrials jutting above pristine landscapes. Solar power requires thousands of acres to produce any usable electricity for the Grid and obviously struggles at night, while coal threatens to turn the earth into an oven in the not-too-distant future.

For those who want to do their part for the environment and live off Grid, personal energy production in the form of solar, wind, or even micro hydropower seems like a responsible option. However, your decision may quickly remind you why public utilities exist when your neighbors object to your 132 foot high windmill, or when your massive solar panels turn your house into a earth-bound version of the International Space Station.

Windmill proposal in Bourne, Mass. blown away

Whether it’s development agreements, specific plans, tentative maps, traffic issues, water issues, or condition use permits; a good real estate attorney from Pulgini & Norton can help you sort through all the details in zoning restrictions.

If you are doing any form of construction, you need to know all the zoning restrictions for where you want to build. A comprehensive review of all of the zoning restrictions by an experienced real estate attorney before you purchase or lease the land is critical.

Zoning Restrictions and Land Use


When buying a condominium, you should retain a real estate attorney to go over every detail of the transaction from purchase and sale agreements to the bylaws of the condominium association. A real estate attorney will make sure everything is consistent with current state law and favors you the buyer.

Are Your Future Neighbors Happy?

Absolutely yes.

The employer is responsible for the appropriate form to be filed correctly and on time. Even if the form is rejected because of incomplete information or mistakes in the report, it is their job to re-file the form with all the correct information as quickly as possible.

Proper Paper Work

In a sentence, your real estate attorney protects your rights when you are dealing in real estate. A real estate agent can help you find the right home but a real estate attorney will ensure that you get into that home without any hidden surprises.

You might think that you don’t need to worry about hiring a real estate attorney when you are in the final process of buying or selling real estate but without an experienced attorney reviewing the final agreement, you could find yourself with duties and fees that you weren’t expecting. By having an attorney review all the documents prior to closing you can avoid being surprised by unclear and misunderstood agreements.

Buying A Home? Here’s What An Attorney Will Do To Help

As a first-time homebuyer, all you may see is a dream come true. However, you may soon realize that your future home is really a pie, and everybody involved has their finger in it. Yes, all those nice people helping you buy your home are doing it for the money.

Not that there is anything wrong with working for money, but how many of the people and companies involved in your transaction actually represent you? At first, you may see a real estate attorney as just another finger in the pie, but when you realize that every other entity involved in your transaction has legal representation, do you really want to go in alone? If anything goes wrong, you easily could be the one paying the price for someone else’s negligence. Your real estate attorney makes sure that doesn’t happen.

What your real estate attorney will do

Review your contract – Often real estate contracts are just boilerplate (generic contracts) that may ignore the special circumstances of your transaction. Your real estate attorney will make sure your interests are protected and that all other entities involved in the contract have performed their obligations.

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